Surrender Site Partnerships

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The preservation of this site would not be possible without the devoted partners in this project. From local citizens, to area community groups, to state and federal agencies, the Saratoga Surrender Site has garnered the attention and support of a variety of partners who are committed to the success of this memorial park.

In 2006, New York State Assemblyman Steven Englebright took notice when the property went up for public sale. Working through the Historic Hudson-Hoosic Rivers Partnership and the Open Spaces Institute (OSI), the land was purchased and is held by OSI.

Interested in developing a memorial park on the property, the Friends of Saratoga Battlefield joined the partnership effort to design and fundraise for the construction of the park. The Historic Hudson Hoosic Partnership remains involved in the project and will oversee the construction of the site.

Once complete, the land will be donated to the National Park Service and will be part of the visitor experience at Saratoga National Historical Park.



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