Site Location & Plan

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The Saratoga Surrender Site is a 19 acre track located in Saratoga County, within the Town of Saratoga, one mile south of the Village of Schuylerville, New York. The property is characterized by a suburban grassland landscape in its northern portion and woodlands to the south. The eastern view from the site is that of the Hudson River valley where several earlier British forts once stood. The Green mountains of Vermont are visible in the distance.

Uninterrupted views of the Hudson River and the main road were important to the American army, and made this site ideal for the surrender ceremony. These landscape features are preserved and highlighted in this proposed park, designed for contemplation, education, and appreciation of the commanding view.

The park will consist of a modest parking and orientation area where visitors will begin their experience. Paths will lead visitors to a half moon wall where they will learn about the significance of the site and take in the view looking towards the Hudson River. Trails and landscaping on the property will emphasize the views and history of the site.


The centerpiece of the park site is a 47 1/2 by 70 inch bas relief of John Trumbull’s 1821 masterpiece painting, Surrender of General Burgoyne, which hangs in the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.


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