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Fellow Patriots,

As the morning of October 17, 1777 wore on at Saratoga, a British army over 6,000 strong made preparations to surrender arms and ordnance to the Northern Army forces of the United States of America. Never before in history had a British army surrendered – anytime, anywhere. British Lt. General John Burgoyne rode to meet his conqueror, Major General Horatio Gates, and the two generals and their staffs retired to a nearby hilltop to mark the occasion.

Today, this historic hillside is nothing more than a weed-choked landscape. Through a cooperative partnership endeavor, a new memorial park is planned on the exact spot where the two generals and their staffs dined together, reviewed the vanquished British forces, and where Burgoyne tendered his sword to Gates.

The Friends of Saratoga Battlefield, a non-profit 501C-3 educational organization, is taking on the largest endeavor in our 25 year history – the preservation and development of the Saratoga Surrender Site. The establishment of the new memorial park is long overdue and will be a testament to those past Americans who achieved this remarkable feat.

America’s victory here changed the world – I hope you will join us in preserving this iconic piece of our country’s history.

Larry J. Arnold
Friends of Saratoga Battlefield

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